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Vibrate to the rhythm of the Dombes Côtière

Favourites of Dombes Côtière

Rejuvenate at the Grand Parc !

2 200 ha of greenery and blue waters, a golf course, 2 zip lines, 8 hiking and mountain biking trails and some 40 other sports activities ... Enough to make the most of your energy 15 minutes from Lyon!


Relax at LILÔ !

Want to refresh yourself, have fun, and spend your time? Need a good fitness? LILÔ, the aquatic area of the Côtière, opens its large pool, green areas and wellness area ...


What about Brocante ?

In Dombes Côtière, China is only a step away! The opportunity to stroll or find the bargain ... Quickly discover the calendar of the brocante and garage sales of Ain and Rhone!